Cimplex – Web Design

Client: Cimplex AB

Role: Mockup designer / UI designer in  various projects

Cimplex is run by Herman, a developer and business manager that found me in 2018. Since our first project, I have had the pleasure of mockuping up a number of designs that Herman built. Besides major redesignes, we also have a successful collaboration where I design and improve components for a number of different clients.
These projects have included Bygd Arkitektur where I designed their project site, adding editorial elements to the landing page of Stugcentralen, and a number of UI-blocks for Axelent.

Full site projects have included:

  • IP-Group – a major scandinavian container company that needed a complete rehaul of their website. Read more about it here.
  • Isy – where I designed a webbshop solution that is launching fall of 2020.
  • CLIENT Cimplex AB
  • YEAR 2018-2020
  • WE DID Design Mockups
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