Landing Page – Web Design

Task: Re-design the website, along with an ambitious mega-menu.

Brief: A major pallet industry actor, needed a modern design proposal for their new website, “with some type of illustration”.  The site is information heavy, and needed a clearer path. They were also missing  a coherent design system.

Solution: My suggestion use the landingpage as a promotional front, that lift their strengths – prestigious clients and longevity in the business. Like many current websites, I used short copy to attract the visitors attention. The information on produce is centered in the mega-menu.

I went ahead with softer aesthetics that was well received, picking the blues from their logotypes, and using existing vectors. 


  • CLIENT IP-Group
  • YEAR 2018
  • WE DID UX-designer
  • PARTNERS Cimplex
  • TAGS