Kasai – Web Design

Task: Create high fidelity wireframes for a splash-page, two landing pages and an order-online page.

Time-frame: 2-3 days

Kasai is a modern japanese dinner club/restaurant/night club. They asked for a refresher of their website, as they were launching new locations, and asked us to make it look interesting and modern. My role was to develop the concept, design the splash-site, the landing page, and the order online page. The prototypes were then handed to a programmer.

Splash-page: the assignment was to clearly indicate that there are four different restaurants, in four different locations. Mini-Kasai was a new “budget”-concept, and I choose to highlight that using a more youthful yellow contrast-color. I also put banners with the words NEW on the restaurants that were being launched, to further emphasize their difference.

Landing page: I choose to focus on a soft palette, of matte black and blue combined with light pink – inspired by Japanese spring flowers. I then choose dark pictures that felt both inviting and professional. Alluring shadows, short depth of field, professional shots.

The result can be seen at kasai.se